History of Polish Falcons Ladies Auxiliary

The first official meeting of the Polish Falcons Ladies Auxiliary was held on March 5, 1984. Forty-five women, all wives of the Polish Falcon Society members, were original members.

The founding Officers were:

Renee Len ……. President

Marcia Hucul ……. Vice President

Dona Grzybek ……. Secretary

Louise Wienkowski ……. Sgt at Arms

Their purpose in forming the Auxiliary was to assist the club in all their endeavors. This continues to be their goal today, as they have opened their membership to friends and family of Falcon members. Through the years they have helped to remodel and decorate the club by purchasing the necessary equipment and fixtures. This was accomplished by the numerous fund raisers held by the Auxiliary, such as the annual craft bazaar, spaghetti dinner and card party, steak dinner, Lenten Baked good sale, Chinese auction, spring fashion show and most recently the Vera Bradley Bingo and Chicken BBQ.

The Members have fond memories of all the social events they were a part of at the club. Who can forget working at the grocery and stuffed animal booths at Polka Days, lending a hand on Dyngus Day, running the kitchen for radio station FM88 Fundraisers, being cocktail servers for Monte Carlo nights and playing Santa’s helpers and Easter Bunny at the Children’s holiday parties? Their joint effort to construct a “Falcon Float” made of chicken wire and paper carnations won 1st prize at the Depew Centennial in 1994 and the Pulaski Day Parade in 1995.

Throughout their history the Ladies Auxiliary has made generous donations to the community, their members have also donated their own time to numerous local charity events. Religious and civic organizations, as well as needy individuals and families, have all benefited from their support.

As they enter their 41st in 2025 they promise to continue to support the Polish Falcon Society of Depew, New York.

History of Polish Falcons Society

On November 15th, 1903, eight young men organized the Polish Falcon Society under its first President Anthony Krzywicki. These men had as there goal the formation of the Poles into a strong, effective group for the preservation of the highest ideals of their national heritage.

Initially the society met at Matthew Dworzanowski’s Hall and in 1906 moved their meetings to SS Peter and Paul’s School Hall. On June 25th, 1911 the blessing of the Society’s Banner by the Rev Stanley Fimowicz, pastor of SS Peter and Paul, took place and in September of that year, the Ziot or Convention of the Third Circuit of the polish Falcon Alliance, was held in Depew. In 1919 the Falcons purchased their own clubrooms at 45 Crane Street by pooling their financial resources. The Society was incorporated in 1922 and by 1925, the building was debt free.

Through the years the Falcons sponsored a program of physical training and were well known for their baseball, basketball, bowling and wresting teams. Dramatics, social events, and pinochle tournaments have been part of a vigorous program of members participation.

At one time a fifty-four member ladies auxiliary called the Polish Falconette’s existed but have since disbanded. A male choir, under the direction of John Nowak and the Polish Falcon Band, under the leadership of Walter Witkowski, enlivened many picnics and provided entertainment for church functions as well as civic affairs.

In 1951 the clubrooms on Crane Street were enlarged and remodeled and the renovation of the hall and upstairs rooms were completed in 1953. The 1960’s saw an increase in membership and a growing need for a larger and mor modern facility. In late 1970 ground was broken for the present clubroom at 445 Columbia Avenue which were formally opened on September 11, 1971. This move has enabled the Society to further its involvement in the community.

The establishment of a regular bingo night enabled the Falcons to fund scholarship awards and lend financial support to area fire departments, senior citizen centers, youth, and other various cultural and charitable organizations.

The Falcons have continued to preserve and promote their Polish heritage. They started one of the original Dyngus Day celebrations in 1973 and have hosted numerous dances throughout the years. The Falcons have also reached out to their non-polish neighbors through such social events as singles dances, car cruise nights, chicken BBQ dinner, tailgate parties, golf outings, and their popular Friday night fish fry dinners. We continue to celebrate Dyngus Day as a traditional Polish event to keep with our Polish Heritage.

On March 5th, 1984, forty-five women, all wives of Society members, had their first official meeting of the Polish Falcons Ladies Auxiliary. Their purpose was to assist the Society in all its endeavors. Through its numerous fund raisers, such as the annual chicken BBQ, steak dinners, Vera Bradley Bingo, Chinese auction they have contributed to the upkeep and remolding of the clubrooms. Additionally, the Auxiliary has donated its time and support to religious and civic organizations, charity, as well as needy individuals and families.

The past has seen growth in membership and increased community involvement. To better serve this commitment, the size of the hall was doubled in 1978 and the interior remodeled in 1994.These improvements have allowed the Falcons to welcome their membership and public to a modern and attractive facility.

We thank all the officers and members whose time and dedication have guided us. With that in mind the success and growth of the Society is ensured.